my thoughts on Pokemon sun&moon.

i only have one sentence to sum up my opinion.... WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! 

it has so much cool/new pokémon, it has so many Z-moves, ledgendaries,clothes in the character customisation closet and- to top it off- a plot line with so much potential. but this gosh-darn excuse for a game has got no gyms, instead, they  got four IDIOTS giving us pathetic errands to run.

i wouldn't`t even be SUPERSIZED if winning the league is hard, this game has ended up being the poop of the party when it comes to pokémon`s 20th anniversary.

regardless, i do think that game has some serious potential and i hope that what we`ve wanted for the  last two decades won`t turn out to be the £40 mistake we made over the latest Metriod game.

train on,
(now for your latest comic and video).


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