the  Pokémon generations YouTube sires  is taking Pokémon fans by storm! outta the way Pokémon xyz. there`s a better sires in town.

it has now been apparent to those who stick like glue to Pokémon that there is a new sires that the company has created on YouTube that will constantly switch between protagonists, each of which will be based upon characters who have shrouded fans with mystery during the main stream games as well as the first In-game protagonist red and blue that most fans adored during his debut the Pokemon origins special.

most people expect this you tube siries to be better than pokémon XYZ and the upcoming sun &moon season,that most people are already dreading due to the fact that it doesn`t feature gyms.

could this really make it to the standards that fans expect it to be?can it truly be the very best like no one ever was? only the back-to-back weekly youtube episodes could tell.

Train on.

(p.s. sorry this came out a day after the previous post , it was very late and i had to go to bed).


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